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  Yongjia Oubei Jinggong Metal Float Co.,Ltd.(a subsidiary of Bethel International Industrial Co., Limited ), which was established in 1992, is situated in Wuxing Industrial Zone, Oubei Town, Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province of China. It has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of metal floats for liquid level control, and has its own design center, marketing center, service center, technical department and quality control department.

   Jinggong Metal Float meets your needs and offers a large assortment of specialty floats manufactured from stainless steel, copper and aluminum for a wide range of applications. To ensure the highest quality possible, all the floats offtered by Jingong are fully tested and inspected before being shipped and all products are fully warranted for both material defects and workmanship.

  We look forward to the opportunity to serve for you. If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact our experienced staff. If you would like price quote or have questions about customization or ancillary products, please contact our sales department. We take pride in providing well-designed products.

■Radiator Traps ■Feed Water Heaters ■Regulators
■Steam Trap ■Amusement Equipment
■Storage Tank ■Reed Switch Activators
■Separators ■Process Chemical Systems
■Open Tank ■Liquid Level Gauges and Controls
■Float Valves ■High and Low Water Alarm Columns

  Jinggong Metal Float guaranteed for two years when used under normal operating condition. Under this condition , damaged parts can be repaired or replaced without charge and the freight costs you nothing. Please show us the proof of purchase and the date of purchase.

Main products or services: metal floating ball;Stainless steel deep drawing;Metal products;Daily necessities;Magnetic float;Copper ball float;
The main industry: other flow meters;Marine hardware accessories;Gas station equipment;Oil equipment;Float switch;Valve accessories;
Processing method: the independent brand;Do processing;Incoming sample processing;Incoming OEM processing;To figure processing;The other;OEM processing;ODM processing;Manual processing;
Process: mold manufacturing;Metal stamping;Cold forming;Metal spinning;Other mechanical hardware technology;Repair welding.Laser;Mold processing;Metal stamping;
Management system certification: ISO 9001
Product quality certification, CQC.

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